New User Instructions:


DCC Chat to verify send capability

Before you attempt to set up mIRC and OmenServe, verify that you can DCC Send files. If you cannot send manually, you will be unable to use OmenServe (or any other serving type script). The best way to check this is to start a DCC Chat with another person.

In mIRC:

In a channel, right click on another persons' nick -- (somebody you have asked to DCC Chat with who can accept DCC Chat)
Select DCC/Chat

A DCC Chat window will come up. You will see "Waiting for acknowledgement..." If you cannot get past this, you cannot send.

Sends that fail are usually caused by firewall or router issues. If you are using Windows Firewall, shut it off and re-try your DCC Chat. If you are using a router, go to for instructions on your brand of router, with walkthrough help for mIRC and DCC connections

Once you've corrected the firewall and router issues, try to DCC chat again.

If you see the following text in a DCC Chat window, you've connected properly and can DCC chat as well as DCC Send files!

"Waiting for acknowledgement...
DCC Chat connection established"




  1. Unzip the file you downloaded from and extract the files to a folder of your choice.
  2. In the folder you extracted the files to, double click on Omenserve_setup.exe file. This will begin the installation process.
  3. Agree to the licence agreement by clicking "I agree". If you do not agree, OmenServe will not be installed.
  4. "Choose Install Location" The default intallation folder is C:\Program Files\mIRC. If this is not where you have mIRC installed, browse to the correct folder. Click Install button. OmenServe will now be installed into the folder you chose. (NOTE: OmenServe will NOT install in a folder that does not contain mirc.exe)
  5. Open mIRC.

You may see this window pop up, Click "Yes" to allow OmenServe to run.


On the Status window, you will see the following:


Open OmenServe by pressing F2 or right-clicking on a Status window and selecting OmenServe v2.70



There are several things you must do on the Main tab:

  1. Select radio button "Servers priority" (standard in most serving channels)
  2. Check box "List @finds"
  3. Check box "CTCP's" (Type N Channels) (standard in most serving channels, but do check in each channel you serve in)
  4. Check Box "Echo on (view/log ads/messages) - As a new user, you should select this option. This can later be turned off and your ad hidden so you do not see it, but others do)
  5. Check to ensure your nickname is correct in the text box for "Main nick for trigger".




Create a list

  1. Under 'List Management', click the "New" button and give your list a name. EX: Fiction
  2. Under 'Folders', click "Add Folder" and browse to the folder you wish to share. Selecting a folder will also select all sub-folders within it. Be careful you do not select folders such as "My Documents" or "My Computer" or "Windows" or below \Listmagic\. The shorter the path name, the better. EX: c:\music\ d:\mp3\ e:\files\
  3. After you have selected all the folders containing the files you wish to share, select the list name, and Click "Generate Selected List"


On the QuickList window:

  1. Select "Size and mp3 info"
  2. Check box "Include folders"
  3. Click Generate List

The first time you generate a list, it may take from several seconds to several minutes. Generating subsequent lists will take less time.

On the mIRC Status window, you will see a list completed message such as:


To see your list, on the List tab, double click the list name. (EX: Fiction). Your text file will open and your list will be available for you to view.


  1. Connect to IRC and join the channel you wish to serve in.
  2. Open OmenServe (F2), and click the Channel tab


  1. Select "Add channel"
  2. Click on the channel you wish to add (NOTE: You must be in the channel you wish to add, or it will not be listed here)
  3. Select channel mode. Unless otherwise specified, use Normal (N) mode.
  4. Select the list you wish to serve in the channel under Default list
  5. Click "Add channel"



  1. Click on the Main tab
  2. Check "Server On"


Set up is now completed. You should be serving the list you selected, in the channel you added.

Failure to do all of the above steps will result in a non-functional installation

Don't get fancy - don't add additional lists or channels until you have OmenServe working properly in one channel.

Congratulations, you should now be serving. Take a look at the rest of the options at your leisure. The options are pretty self explanatory. However, if you aren't sure, have a look at for the OmenServe help file.


If you have problems, suggestions etc, use the web support forum at:

Please don't message us on IRC, or email us, we won't answer.

- The OmenScripts Team